Recovery Consulting is a team of professionals with a variety of expertise in legal, risk. insolvency and accounting that can view your problem and come up with a recovery plan. Our team is designed to give almost total solace in the solution and provide "light at the end of the tunnel".

Some of the typical assignments of Recovery Consulting might be:

  • short-term assignments in risk/ governance and commercial legal work (often to cover key staffs absence) of a business;

  • Stock and Working Capital reviews (including PPSR maintenance and creation);

  • Debt recovery services (eg: debt collection) for those customers who have not paid

  • Negotiations with angsy landlords/ bankers and other related creditors;

  • Total financial reviews (namely your books and records) in order to prepare a financial restructuring plan to get your financial records back "in-shape";

  • Negotiate with the list the people who are owed money and how much they are owed (including liasion with often upset suppliers) and prepare an informal payment arrangement;

  • investigate the company’s affairs with view of establishing the best outcome in accordance with standard insolvency legislation and priority payment creditors;

  • exit or sale of the company’s assets

In matters of closure (typically insolvency related), we are aware of the significant strain you will be under.  With the thought of losing everything you have worked so hard to build, and imminent threats of liquidation/ bankruptcy, legal battles, bad credit etc... we now this has an impact and can cause severe family relationship strain. 

The most typical assignment is where one of our team will come into your business and formulate a strategy, most often surrounding your Exit. Exit planning is comprehensive, multi-disciplined professional advice which provides business owners with a clear strategy to help them exit their business whether via sale of business in whole or piece mental.  They will work “with” you to find the best possible solution for them to walk away with as minimal distress as possible whilst optimising the funds available to those who you owe money to..