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LiquidNations  purpose is to help entities who need to close down their business for a variety of reasons with the hope that they can recoup some of their investment and start the new chapter of their life.  So, unlike a liquidator / auctioneer, we are there to provide a regular arena for the public to build a reputation of offering good quality products at a fair price. 


Further, our philanthropy policy will eventually involve donating a percentage of our income being diverted into the local community and charities.  So, if you have a great cause and are looking for business benefactors, let us know .


Liquidnation is a local family run  business, operated by a couple with three children happily living, working and studying in Williamstown.  We want to create a bond with our community and offer a service that is not readily available in Williamstown.  We are not the “dirt cheap” liquidators but more a quality product for a very reasonable price.

Our new premises is a bit tricky to find as the factory’s entrance is located in Ponting Street - just opposite the Exotic Animal Hospital.


Due to our day to day commitments running Make Good Projects, the sale is held monthly and generally the first week of each month.


Please come along and enjoy the sale !!!