How long has Make Good Projects been running for?
Make Good Projects Pty Ltd itself has only be running for 5 years, but with most new businesses they change and grow and become bigger, better and stronger. Prior to the name change, Make Good Projects was running for 12 years prior and was trying to work out it’s identity into the market. In total, MGP has been running for 17 years.
Do you take on other projects outside of Melbourne?
YES! We have designed our business to be able to travel anywhere in Australia and to some overseas countries if needed. We have done this many times now and get better with each trip. Living in a digital world makes a huge difference on the reduction of costs and where and how we can perform a lot from our office in Melbourne.
What does the "Make Good" mean?
Make good refers to the clause in a commercial lease that sets out how a tenant should leave a property when the lease comes to an end, whether by the expiry of the term or earlier termination. Make good is one of the most commonly disputed provisions of a lease. After doing several of these prior to the name change, this is where the inspiration came to change our name to “Make Good Projects”.  Having the capabilities of demolition teams, electrical, plumbing, plasterers, painters and legal advisors on hand we were able to offer a full turn key solution to the client with minimal fuss.
What is your maximum budget you would take on board?
Generally we stick around the 5M mark. There are bigger and better companies out their that will cater to a much higher budget than us, hence we find that keeping to the mid end market keeps everyone happy. We find sticking to this level gives our client better attention as it keeps us focused on the job at hand. This reassures the client that they we are committed and not distracted by others projects running simultaneously.