Make Good Projects is the umbrella company for three distinct businesses:

  • BARBS (Business & Residential Building Services)

  • Recovery Consulting

  • Liquidnation

Make Good Projects is an extremely unique company that has expertise in a variety of areas that is aimed to suit many circumstances:- in actuality, a complete turnkey solution to fit your exact circumstances.

From simple renovation projects through to negotiating with problem landlords and creditors, Make Good Projects allows owners who are finding it hard to keep their heads above water to see a way to move forward.  Our staff are experienced in all walks of life and know there are situations which can be both terrifying and daunting - we take over and manage the almost impossible.

Our Recovery Consulting business has a myriad of legal, financial and insolvency experts that can consolidate the entire process of a company closure whilst BARBS can renovate and rebuild the company premises whilst the Liquidnation team are selling all products and assets ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Thus giving business owners the ability to recover their mental health and look towards a new opportunity whilst the closure of their business is in safe hands.


Of course, there are also the common projects we undertake in "make good" of leased premises (commercial and residential), HOARDING and Deceased Estates 

Make Good Projects can help you out by offering a complete turnkey solution catered to your circumstances.